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8/14 guests – £24.95 per head
15/22 guests – £19.95 per head
22/30 guests – £14.75 per head
30+ guests – £13.95 per head
60+ guests – £13.50 per head
100+ guests – £12.95 per head

Children 4/11 – 75% of the published rate

Unlimited Cappachino/Latte/Mocha – £2.50 per head

Fine Dining – £30 per head

Minimum charges

Weekdays – £400

Weekends including bank holidays – £550

During the peak months of May – September when we have exceptional demand for our catering service the minimum charge is £550 inclusive.


There is a surcharge of £2.50 per head for every vegetarian, due to the increased food cost.

Discounts / Loadings

As a company, in order to maintain our excellent reputation & high quality of service, we have only three available bookings each day.

The first booking will be offered at the prices published on the website.

The second booking will be offered at +10% of the prices published on the website.

The third booking will be offered at + 20% of the prices published on the website.

Late bookings (within seven days of the function) will be offered at + 30% of the prices published on the website.


All functions in marquees will incurr a loading in addition to any other of between 20/50%.

This will depend on the facilities easily accessible & access to the catering/preparation area of the marquee.

No facilities whatsoever on site (power & water) or limited access will incurr a 50% loading.

If we arrive on the day & the your marquee company has provided no access to the catering area, a further additional loading will be levied.

Unfortunately marquee companies rarely erect the marquee in the location agreed, which severely affects our working environment on the day.

Working beyond Midnight

All of our quotations are costed on the basis that all of our work is completed & that we have left your function by mid night.

If you require we will work for you beyond mid night but at additional cost:

We charge on 15 minute units per member of staff.

The cost is £20 per 15 minutes or part thereof per member of staff.

Clean & Clear Away Service

We offer a comprehensive clean & clear away service which is mostly used by our Wedding Clients.

At the end of an evening Wedding Reception, the happy couple have left as have most of the guests.

The marquee or village/church hall needs to be cleaned up & all rubbish removed from site.

We will if necessary work through the night until the area is totally clean.

The cost works out usually at £2 per guest with a minimum of £100.

We can also arrange for a commercial 1100 litre dustbin if on is not on site at an additional costs of only £50.

Village halls such as Itchen Abbas have cancelled their dustbin contracts to save money & require you to remove all rubbish from their site.

Failure to do so can result in you losing all of your large deposit!

Chiller Vans

We have two chiller vehicles available for hire to our catering clients.

When arranging your function, a factor rarely considered is “how are you going to chill down all of your drinks”.

Most village/ church halls have very limited fridge space.

We provide the solution by supplying a chiller van at £150 per event.

The charge is very much dependent on where your event is being held (distance from our base) & how many hours the unit in will be in use for.

The vehicles are purpose built chiller units which typically cost is £10,000+ per unit.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a hire service on these vehicles to non Catering 4 Occasions functions.

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